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What you will find on and can expect from

People are interested in the law whether it be their rights, legal drama or fiction, or true life legal dramas. No site properly shows what the lives are really like of those working in or in connection with the law. Nor at the same time gives easy to follow information about the law and the legal system. Michael J. Booth QC decided all this had to change. That is why he has created this site.


The Legal System in Plain English

Thus the website content is for not just the legal profession but the general public and anyone interested in the law. The aim is to show everyone precisely what makes lawyers tick and how the legal system works. Not in technical legal jargon but in plain words. Indeed, one feature of the site - Jargonbusters - is a section to help explain legal terms in a clear way.


Publication Cycle

The starting content consists of pieces being released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

On Mondays there will be a piece aimed principally at lawyers but which may be of interest to the general public.
On Wednesdays there will be an insider's insight into the life of a lawyer as it really is - QC blog.
On Fridays there will be a piece aimed at the general public explaining in clear terms some aspect of the law.

More to come

In the near future it is anticipated that a number of other features will be added to the site. A team of legal experts is presently being assembled, each of whom will contribute a regular feature on their special area of expertise. In addition SAR Legal (a legal support business) will be conducting interviews with people involved in the law and they will also be posted on the website. There will also be certain features aimed at existing and aspiring law students. The timing of all these additional features will be announced in due course.



The site aims to be the first port of call both for lawyers wanting interesting and concise comment on topical issues, as well as the general public wanting to find out about the law in plain English.


The Beginning

The first entry of QC blog has been posted on November 1, 2006. This is just the beginning. There is much more to come.